Top Tips for Maintaining Workplace Safety

Whether your company is 5,000 employees strong or 50, workplace safety should be of the utmost importance. Maintaining a safe working environment is highly beneficial, not to mention necessary for adhering to certain regulations. Reducing incidents means fewer employee absences due to workplace injuries and less money spent on settling claims. Certain preventative measures can also help to lower your insurance premiums.

Have a System in Place

To maintain everyday safety in the workplace, you must have a system that all employees can understand and adopt. The system should incorporate company safety regulations and preventative advice. It should specify the do’s and don’ts of the workplace environment. For example, do wear protective eyewear when operating machinery, and, don’t leave obstacles in walkways.

A safety system can be likened to a code of conduct. It is a way of ensuring that all members of staff take safety in the workplace seriously. Of course, working environments vary regarding risk factors, but you should develop as comprehensive a safety system as your environment allows. Aim to go above and beyond standard OSHA requirements.

Ensure Proper Attire

Correct safety attire is crucial for people working in industries such as construction, packing and shipping, and home improvement. It is important that you ensure all employees wear proper protective gear for carrying out their daily duties. That might mean providing them with the correct footwear, protective clothing, or headgear. Whatever attire will improve the safety of an employee, you should aim to make it part of the uniform that they wear whenever they come to work.

Furthermore, you should put up signs and signals to further encourage the wearing of certain clothing and gear when doing potentially dangerous jobs.

Invite Discussion and Feedback

Rather than merely implementing a bunch of safety rules from up on high, it is a good idea to get your employees involved. People working in the company day to day have a good vantage point from which to view potential dangers. They also have a vested interest in maintaining a safe working environment. As such, you should invite employees into discussions about safety procedures and the setting of regulations.

You can have monthly safety meetings whereby staff are encouraged to discuss the working environment and general safety rules, as well as what is working and what aspects need improving. Not only will such measures help to ensure more safety precautions are brought to attention, but it will also make employees feel more invested in the process.

Proof the Work Environment

As well as ensuring proper safety equipment, clothing, and working practices, you may also need to carry out improvements to the building and exterior of the workspace. That means things like adding ribbed, rubber padding along stairway steps, illuminated emergency exit signs and installing non-slip flooring.

In the end, safety should be an ongoing concern in the workplace. You may have good systems and procedures in place today, but will they still be effective tomorrow? You must monitor, revise, and improve safety regularly to ensure everyone is operating in as safe a workplace as possible. You’ll probably keep insurance costs low, too.